Due to COVID, we are holding limited participation workshops and classes. Please subscribe to our email list for announcements and check Facebook and this website for regular updates.
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$20,000 to Celebrate 20 Years!

Help us celebrate; we couldn’t have reached this anniversary without support from people like you! Our goal is $20,000. Click to Donate.

Free Weekly Workgroups

As COVID allows, we’ll be offering on-site creativity:

Card Making

Puppet Play writing & Performance

Writing  – Prose & Poetry

Note: The writing group continues to meet virtually and published QuaranZine about living in COVID times, available for a $5.00 donation at OC.

Painting & Drawing 

…and more!

“When I first moved to Albuquerque, I needed to meet and be around fellow artists. I never anticipated finding a studio where I be part of the community. This community is made up of handicapped, elderly, children, homeless, along side of career artists. There is a networking amongst everyone that encourages and supports new artists. This is a unique situation for people who do not have the means to purchase art supplies or a place to work. Something constructive for some people who want to improve their lives in a positive way.”     -Artist & Current Boardmember