Due to COVID, we’re currently limiting on-site events. We are open on First Fridays every month 5 to 8 pm and continue to have window exhibitions, including for our Evolving Artist program.
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Join the Robert and Karen Turner Founders Circle

In honor of the Turners, who helped found OC way back in 2001, we’ve established the Founders Circle. You can join with an annual investment in OC of $1,000 or more. This comes to $83.33 monthly automatic donation if you’d like to do that way.

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We are open Tuesday and Wednesday from noon to 3 pm for you to browse, pick up art kits and art boxes and deliver donations. (Masks and distancing required).

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Selections from our current Evolving Artist Window Exhibition

Window exhibitions

We’re continuing our Window Exhibitions, as well as virtual programs. And, we’re on track for a great 2021!

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